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We are Family Law Solicitors in Brisbane, specialising in all aspects of Family and Relationship Law. We can help you through separation, divorce, property settlement and other family matters.

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Constantine Castrisos has over 30 years’ experience practicing the various areas of family law. He leads our experienced team of solicitors to realise the best outcome for you.

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  • Who should pay the Landlord’s legal costs for my lease?
    It is common for a tenant to be requested to pay the Landlord’s legal cost however be mindful that the Retail Shop Leases Act prohibits the Landlord from requiring that the Tenant pay for its legal costs associated with documentation relating to a new lease or any renewal of a lease.
  • How important is it to exercise a lease option for further tenure?
    It is extremely important for a Tenant and a Landlord for a Tenant to exercise an option for further tenure strictly in accordance with the Lease. Failure to adhere to the correct procedures in the Lease, including required notices within a given period or prior to a given date, will mean that the Tenant will lose its entitlement to the extra tenure. Many tenants and landlord seek legal advices to ensure the further tenure is properly secured.
  • Is registration of my lease important?
    Registration is more important for a Tenant than a Landlord. It provides the Tenant with surety that its lease must be acknowledged by other third parties that become the owner or controller of the property (such as a Buyer of the property or mortgagee in possession). If your lease is over three years (including options) in length then you should register it. It is also common for a Landlord’s mortgagee to require registration of leases.
  • Is a Retail Shop Lease all that different to a typical commercial lease?
    In Queensland, there is no ‘standard’ leases that must be used for commercial leases. This means all leases will be different and should be reviewed in full. The Retail Shop Leases Act provides the Tenant with certain protections and placed certain obligations upon Landlords, regardless what the Lease itself says. It is often useful to seek legal advices to understand those obligations and rights more fully as failure to be aware may result in compromise of the binding nature of a lease or some of its terms.
  • Are there requirements for entry condition reports in commercial or retail leases like there is with Residential Tenancy Agreements?
    Not in Queensland, no. However, it is a very good idea for the parties to generate and agree on an entry condition report to record entry condition of a Premises anyway. This will help avoid or settle arguments about vacating obligations when the Tenant comes to an end. Because each lease is somewhat different, it is always a good idea to seek legal advices about the obligations upon a Tenant when it comes time for the Tenant to leave the Premises.
Case Study: Property Separation & Divorce

Susan came to us seeking assistance with her property separation and divorce. Her husband had tried to pressure her into accepting a property settlement which did not reflect a reasonable outcome nor her contribution to the relationship or asset accumulation.


Utilising established legal principles and guiding Susan to see past the undue influence being exerted by her husband, we were able to achieve a much more favourable outcome that truly reflected her contribution to the relationship.  Consent Orders were filed and the settlement was quickly brought to a close without any need for protracted court proceedings.  

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